Wednesday, 24 February 2016


No. Date Title Briefly
6th May 2012 EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT GOD Title Page. (Will be found herein)
No.1. 6th May 2012 The Universal Truth about God. An introduction to our Blog
No.2. 7th May 2012 All about God-El-Shaddai the Christian God About who is God.
No.3  8th May 2012 Who made El-Shaddai? A puzzle
No.4 10th May 2012 Why did El-Shaddai make mankind? An intelligence apart from self.
No.5 11th May 2012 When will the world end? Due natural causes unless
No.6 12th May 2012 How did the intelligence of El-Shaddai evolve? Through a re-creative process
No.7 15th May 2012 Where is El-Shaddai our God? Within you and more
No.8 16th May 2012 How old is El-Shaddai? As old as the universe
No.9 18th May 2012 Commentary on End of Mankind by SRT ungovernable meteorite-  El-Shaddai
No.10 27th May 2012 Where is the center of the Universe? It has none
No.11 29th May 2012 Laugh and be merry commentary by SRT
No.12 30th May 2012 There is more to come You want more? SRT
No.13 2nd June 2012 Trilobites perished because
No.14 7th June 2012 Genesis Two slabs
No.15 10th June 2012 A Musky Live and Learn
No.16 20th June 2012 Tunguska one in the future?
No.17 23rd June 2012 Light Particle Neutrino
No.18 24th June 2012 About Multiverse billions
No.19 27th June 2012 Creativity Create life in a lab?
No.20 30th June 2012 When will  our universe end? when I die
No.21 1st July 2012 Re-creative process How can El-Shaddai?
No.22 2nd July 2012 Dedicated Labs With help from me.
No.23 6th July 2012 Super, Super God/s No.
No.24 7th July 2012 Black Hole 1 definition
No.25 11th July 2012 A note on Genesis Two slabs 
No.26 13th July 2012 Big Bangs; How many 7 structured
No.27 14th July 2012 Why Multiverse Better Stability
No.28 14th July 2012 Asymmetry structured big bang
No.29 17th July 2012 String Attached exists
No.30 17th July 2012 Face Saver 18 strings
No.31 20th July 2014 A Reality About string theory
No.32 24th July 2012 A New Creation About STI today
No.33 27th July 2012 Oceans Where did the water in the oceans..
No.34 31st July 2012 By Fiat create by Fiat?
No.35 11th August 2012 Super God? And why only one blue dot will keep learning together
No.36 16th August 2012 Post Creation By a whim was man made
No.37 22nd August 2012 Our Origins Our bodies and spirit
No.38 26th August 2012 Gluon all about Gluon
No.39 27th August 2012 Universe vs Multiverse it exists
No.40 9th Dec 2012 Did man come from Monkey Yes
No.41 27th Sept 2013 On global warming today climate has something to do with it
No.42 16th Oct 2013 On  Priesthood priesthood and K.O.H.
No.43 8th Feb 2014 By Intuition about teaching
No.44 14th Feb 2014 It's in the Air Where God lives 
No.45 15th March 2014 ON Mars Yes but not as here on earth
No.46 30th March 2014 On Mars 2 Life on Planet Mars
No.47 31st March 2014 On Mars 3 Verdant?
No.48 3rd April 2014 Earth Tremors and the like Life began in water
No.49 4th April 2014 On solar Flares Without help
No.50 8th April 2014 Gluon Re-visited Also in your body
No.51 19th April 2014 My Bio About my motives
No.52 28th April 2014 What is going on We scientists you and I
No.53 8th May 2014 About Mars n life there -4 soil water gas etc
No.54 11th May 2014 God a catalyst Yes
No.55 13th May 2014 String Theory Advanced Work on it
No.56 8th Oct 2014 About Mars n Life 5 Unable return
No.57 12th Oct 2014 ON G.M. Food Is O.K.
No.58 21st Jan 2015 Why not by FIAT? One cannot hurry chemicals.
No.59 1st Feb 2015 The Bedrock of Gravity. About gravity and swirls.
No.60 15th April 2015 About Mars n Life 6 Life expectancy for man is just 1 day.
No.61 3rd May 2013 On Neutrinos Thru your body its effects are tolerable.
No.62 26th May 2015 On Atmosphere About atmosphere
No.63 15th Aug 2015 Believe in God Create and intelligence in gas?
No,64 29th Sept 2015 In Reverse Gear Why doesn't a three legged animal  evolve?
No.65 30th Sept 2015 Super Intelligence, Where are you? I do not empower your life, your heart does …
No.66 18th Feb 2016. About Mars n Life  7 Radioactive due to an implosion of its atmosphere.

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